Quality Assurance

Services Offered

  • Lab testing
  • Fabric checking
  • In-line production check
  • Final pre-shipment inspection
  • Container loading inspection

We offer an independent, honest and reliable quality control service. We specialize in Bangladesh garment inspection, so we know the potential problems and pitfalls of buying from this market. We want you to be able to sleep at night safe in the knowledge that your orders will be up to standard and that you will get what you pay for.

In today’s tough business climate nobody can afford nasty surprises when they receive their deliveries. We know that to resolve and rectify problems after the goods have arrived is time-consuming and very expensive; it is our job to prevent these headaches at the source, by providing a full Bangladesh factory inspection.

Pre-production checking

Careful checking and approval of lab dips, bulk fabric and pre-production samples can ensure that the factory is setting out to make exactly what you want. Diligent in-line production checks are designed to eliminate faults that occur in the production process before they are replicated.

Pre-shipment inspection

The final pre-shipment inspection will be carried out to an AQL standard of your specification by a Bangladesh quality control specialist. Upon completion of this inspection, we will submit a detailed report to you indicating whether we consider the goods to be of an acceptable standard or not. If we consider the standard to be below satisfactory, we will outline the problem in detail together with back-up photographs and samples so that you can see the reason for the rejection.

Although we consider the quality control process to start at the commencement of the order processing stage, we can also offer the final pre-shipment inspection as a separate item to give you the protection of an independent check on your goods.


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