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Gold Star currently supplies a number of clients with both knit and woven merchandise. The customers include both ladieswear and menswear retailers, importers and distributors as well as a renowned workwear brand.

For the main part, Gold Star supplies clients in USA, Europe and the United Kingdom but is also working with customers from worldwide markets such as South Africa, Saudi Arabia, India, New Zealand.

Director, Rush Clothing.

When it comes to establishing and maintaining relationships with customers, I found Goldstar Sourcing to be on a level playing field with Larger Sourcing Companies with near-limited budgets. Gold Star believe that trust cannot be bought; it must be earn, Reza and his team will go to extraordinary lengths to ensure you get your shipments on time.

Buying Controller, Heatons Limited.

We have worked with Gold Star for the last 5 years and visited their main office in Dhaka several times. The quality of product supplied has been good and we have enjoyed positive sales results. We hope to continue to build this relationship and work together for seasons to come.

Senior Merchandiser Danielle Group plc.

Gold Star is ‘a well-managed Sourcing and Quality Control operation that has provided us with a professional yet friendly service. The helpful team is 100% committed to meeting our demands. Gold Star’s honest and forward-thinking approach to business cannot be faulted, and working with them has helped alleviate the day-to-day pressures of Sourcing and Merchandising. Gold Star’s extensive knowledge of garment technology has given us confidence in their ability to produce well-made products and deliver them on time, with minimal complications. Ultimately, trusting in Gold Star has given us the freedom to focus on other areas of our business, and allowed us to get ahead in the competitive clothing industry.

Barun Ghosh, CEO-Founder,Dhakeshwari Impex

“I had first met Reza on a flight between Dhaka and New Delhi, there was something in his nature which was very frank and to the point that we immediately fell into a conversation. I was just starting my business at that point of time and he encouraged me a lot as to what all areas we can perhaps work together etc.

A year later, a contact of mine from South Africa wanted some of his products to be manufactured and I immediately thought of Reza and travelled to Dhaka.

Working with his as talking with was a charm, everything was to the point and practical solutions were suggested for some problems regarding production and delivery.

Our order was fulfilled on time with the finished products being highly appreciated in South Africa. All in all he’s sort of person that deliver’s on time, gives accurate estimates and establishes a long term business relationship.”

Adam Ross, Co-Founder Soludos

I have worked with Goldstar Sourcing for almost 7 years now and find them to be incredibly professional, resourceful and responsive. It has always been a collaborative partnership, and one i hope will continue for many more years. I would recommend the Goldstar team without hesitation.

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